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What would you like to achieve in life? Become successful and rich. To be popular and in demand. To travel and meet new countries and people. Whatever you have in mind, the best assistant in achieving the goal will be reading. Because reading improves concentration, and therefore makes you more attentive and more concentrated. When we come across an interesting book to distract can't even make a noise outside the window, no phone call. Developed the ability to concentrate can dramatically improve the quality of work or learning. To improve the relationship with the child, to make them warm and friendly help books. When the day is in trouble, time for kids is quite a bit. The benefits of reading aloud before bed is a double and child's bed, and the time it will take. Reading books increases self-esteem and self-confidence. Reading helps expand horizons and improve communication skills, it is only natural that your confidence will grow, too. It is much easier to defend the point of view, when it is possible to do this convincingly. Yes, in the books it is not written what to do to reach your dream. But it trains and develops those qualities in a person that are necessary in achieving the set goals.

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